Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life; it’s about what you inspire others to do
— Unknown

words of appreciation


When I started working with Kylie I didn’t really know what to expect, I knew Kylie was lovely and easy to talk to, and I knew I was stuck in a serious rut with my business and creativity, so I thought it was worth giving coaching a go. 

12 weeks later and I don’t really know how to put in to words how much gratitude I owe Kylie, and how much value I have gained from working with her for an hour each week. 

Kylie has inspired, supported, coached, coaxed, energised and emboldened me to find my strengths and passions, and make something of them. I’ve learnt a lot about myself and patterns of behaviour that were damaging to me. I’ve learnt how to say no, and how to distinguish the things that are really valuable and important to me from all that other ‘stuff’.

The way that Kylie has coached me to this point is with such love and passion. While encouragement has been such a huge part of it, Kylie is so much more than a cheerleader - she is so incredibly perceptive about recognising your true feelings and not letting you lose focus or fool yourself.

I’m now embarking on a whole totally new venture, something that 12 weeks ago I would never have seen happening. I know this would never have happened without Kylie - not only for her motivation, but her ideas, brainstorming and constant support. 

She motivates you to set goals and smash them, to use your time wisely, to believe in yourself. Even when forced to face a few home truths or get a bit out of your comfort zone, it’s never without so much genuine kindness and a lot laughs. 

Thank you Kylie, I don’t know what I would have done without you!!!



Overall the one word I would use, to sum up my experience of working with Kylie would be positive. To start with Kylie is a brilliant energetic force of optimism to introduce into your life. When you're talking to Kylie anything seems possible and her unwavering belief in you and your dreams is so empowering. I leave this process with a much more positive outlook on my life and in particular, my career going forward.

I came to Kylie having just been made redundant from a job I had closed down my own business to take and also moved cities for. I was pissed off, a little depressed, and very down on myself and the world. I had a rather humble dream of just earning rent for the week. Kylie slowly pushed me to open my mind and be more ambition for myself. I am now regularly picking up work as a freelance Graphic Designer. I'm earning nearly the same as my full-time income but for a job that's highly flexible and allows me more time for life outside of work. I'm building towards making this income more secure and at the start of planning a new business that will let me work from home doing something I love.

I'm not naturally someone who would choose to do life coaching, I'm a bit cynical at my core but I was feeling so stuck that I know I needed help. I'm so glad I tried something different. I come away from the process with a clearer vision of how I want to spend my time, around 10kg lighter (an added bonus of investing time and care into myself), full of energy for the day ahead and most importantly with an ingrained value for my time and the ability to just say no to the things that aren't right, even if that's often scary.

I don't think I'll fully know the value this has had on my life until a little further down the track but I am confident the months to follow are good things and adventures.



Kylie is the type of woman we all need/want as our best friend. She makes me feel passionate, motivated and supported to achieve not only my business dreams but also become the best version of myself. Kylie has helped me during the journey of setting up my business by networking me with like minded people and encouraging me through every process of the start up.

I would hundred percent not be where I am right now without her. I would recommend Kylie to my friends, my family and work colleagues as she will help you achieve your goals in life.


A few weeks back, Kylie popped up a Facebook post offering a free 15 minute laser coaching call to the first 2 people to DM her.

Something in me said, you need to reach out and chat with this woman!
I wasn’t disappointed - Kylie’s bubbly personality and genuine interest in who I was in that 15 minutes blew me away! I got off the call buzzing, and we had our next call booked for the following week - a 1 hour Discovery call.

Kylie was so easy to talk to! I felt like we were old long time friends. She had some great advice, words of wisdom and I got off the call with 3 goals to achieve by the same day the following week.... and I smashed those goals!!
Fair to say Kylie has a passion for seeing others succeed, she has fun while doing it and she gives you practicable steps to achieve what you then set your mind and heart to! Reach out to Kylie - I know I’m so pleased I did.