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Confident and Crushing it came about after years of trying to nail down the perfect brand to accurately describe what I’m all about. I am super, ridiculously passionate about helping women to become CONFIDENT and totally CRUSH any goals that they have their hearts set on. Those who want to be the girl who has it all – the girl who has the amazing relationship, the dream career/business, the one who just seems to have her shit together.


We all want to be that girl, and the awesome thing is that is that it is entirely possible.

Throughout my life, like with most people, I’ve had a whole bunch of ups and downs that have ultimately contributed to shaping me into the person I am today. I’ve had more challenges than I care to think about, and with each set back I’ve had to refocus my energy on building back my confidence and starting again. The good thing is, however, the more I did it the easier it has become – the key is to just keep practicing, and always remember that everything will always work out.


My life has been jam-packed full of change and it’s something that I’ve learned to thrive on. Growing up I went to 8 different schools which meant I was constantly pushed outside of my comfort zone and forced to make new friends and find my place amongst groups of kids who had known each other for years. I dropped out of my last year of High School because I was ready to start playing grown-ups and within a space of a couple months I got my driver’s licence, moved in with my first boyfriend and started my first full time job. It was a whole bunch of “new” all at once. Shortly afterwards we moved towns and I had to try figure out my new life there. Then we ended up moving countries… again, I had to start afresh. I could go on and on, but you catch my drift.

In my 14 years of being a grown up (yikes!) I’ve had a few serious relationships, become an expert at online dating, tried an assortment of different careers and started many-a-side hustle, and the one quality that I had to master in order to keep on pushing through everything life presented me was CONFIDENCE.

The confidence to keep going when the going got tough.
To keep trying new things so I could find stuff I loved doing.
To keep going on date after date, in pursuit of meeting my perfect match.
To continue starting new businesses despite having some of my business ideas be a total flop.
To stay open-minded and optimistic, even when it felt like everything was crumbling around me.

I knew in my heart of hearts that if I kept persevering, things would always work themselves out. And they did. And they will continue to do so.

And there is nothing I love more than helping others achieve greatness by finding their own version of Confidence.

If you want to learn more about me I often share stories and other random tidbits about my life in my Facebook Group “Confident + Crushing it” so pop on over and join the tribe of awesome gals.

Anyone else guilty of getting hung up on people unliking or unfollowing your social pages? 🙋🏼‍♀️⠀
I used to take it so personally when a friend (or acquaintance, even) would unfollow my IG account, remove themselves from my FB page or group, or, heaven forbid, unfriend me 🙈⠀
I always felt like I had done or said something wrong. Like I was failing at life because not everyone in my circle was picking up what I was putting down.⠀
I won’t lie - I like to be liked. I strive to be a kind person, a good friend, and just an all round considerate human being. So the thought of someone not liking me used to really get me down.⠀
Until I realised that it isn’t actually personal. At least not in a way that there is something wrong with me.⠀
We just aren’t programmed to connect with everyone, forever.⠀
And nobody has time to be all involved in the lives of everyone they know.⠀
It’s okay if people don’t want to see me posting a photo of yet another coffee (but seriously, who doesn’t like to see my coffee? 😂)⠀
It is okay if people don’t want me all up in their feed every day.⠀
It’s even okay if people don’t agree with my values, choices and the direction I’m taking my life and business.⠀
Heck, I’ve chosen to unfollow many people because it’s important to me to actually see the content of people I’m really close to, or those who really inspire and motivate me.⠀
It doesn’t mean I have anything against the people I no longer follow, it just means I am placing more importance and value on my time, and as much as I wish I had time for everyone all the time, I just don’t.⠀
So do yourself a favour, and ignore the numbers. Don’t worry if you notice someone has removed themselves from your social media accounts.⠀
They are just making room for someone new.⠀
Not necessarily someone better, just someone new.⠀


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