I got you, girl!

I know, I know - Dating Apps like Tinder a pretty bad reputation. But in its defence, I feel like that even the haters have to admit that there have been enough Tinder success stories now that it should be given some merit, right?

And I suspect the fact that you're even here reading this says that you're at least a little bit curious about how it's possible to meet an awesome guy online.

Maybe you...

... have given Tinder/Bumble a go and felt like it was a complete waste of time?
... went on some great dates but you thought the guys were only after one thing?
... had terrible dating experiences that have left you somewhat jaded?
...  signed up, didn't get any decent matches and deleted your account?
... are the girl who hasn't even given it a shot yet. Because, ew, dating app.

Whatever the reason is you're reading this, I'm super glad you're here. Because it means you are ready to at least explore the idea of opening up, asking for some help and giving dating (and Tinder/Bumble) a chance.

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Over the course of 4 weeks you will be working through 4 modules that are designed to get you from clueless online, to dating like the Confident Babe you are (even if you don't feel like it just yet!).


Why dating? And why now? 
First up we need to get clear on who YOU are and what is really important to you. There is no use diving straight into the dating scene without a little ground work first.
We'll dig into your past relationships, your dealbreakers and what you are looking for (or think you're looking for in a man.
Together we'll help you stop with the shitty stories you keep telling yourself about men, dating and Tinder because as cliche as it sounds, there are plenty of fish in the sea and there are loads of guys out there who are an absolutely awesome match for you.


Once the ground work is done, we start to get into the juicy parts... creating your online profile.

If you're already on a Dating App (Tinder/Bumble) you are going to give your profile a makeover. Fresh photos,  a fun bio and a little bit of extra awesome to help you catch some great matches.
We are also going to clear out those matches -  you will get a brief heads up on part of what will be covered in Week 3 so you can use some of those strategies to cull the deadweight you're carrying around in your messages. 
Girl - I am serious about getting you some great dates, so if you've already go some matches then they're either getting a date with you or getting thrown back into the sea.

If you're brand new to Dating Apps then you've got a shiny clean slate to start from and you will get to create a killer profile from scratch. I'll give you a whole bunch of tips and pointers on the style of photos to include, what to write in your bio and get you away and swiping.


Now that you've got your killer profile up and running and are lighting up your phone notifications with "You've got a match" it's time to put the game plan into action.
As much as photos and bios are great, it's the messaging that's ultimately going to determine whether the date will happen so I'll walk you through some do's and don'ts (there are no strict rules, of course, just some tips and guidelines) and get you messaging like a pro in no time.

I'll share with you the rules and guidelines I set myself to make sure you don't end up with a bunch of dead end conversations or stale "save them for later" matches.

This dating game is serious(ly fun) business and I'm going  to help you get confident, use your Tinder time wisely and keep it interesting.


Shit's getting real, ladies!! You've created your awesome profile, you've matched with some great guys and the conversations are flowing... the only thing next is to start dating up a storm!

I totally get it - you have ALL THE QUESTIONS... 
What shall I wear?
Where do we go?
What do we talk about?
What's my exit strategy? 

Never fear - together we will get you DATE READY. Honestly, dating is nowhere near as scary as it's made out to be and Week 4 is my FAVOURITE part of this course. 

This week is all about date ideas, tips on shaking the pre-date nerves, some ideas to help the conversation flow and getting you actually EXCITED about your dates without putting crazy pressure on any of them. 

Soooooo... Have I got you excited yet?

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Ladies - what are you waiting for? I don't claim to be an expert at many things but one thing I am sure of is that I know people. I love interaction, communication and I've had more than my fair share of dating experience so have figured out my way to navigate the "apparently scary" world of online dating.

Plus - I'm a real life, walking, talking Tinder Success story. My Tinder prince and I met nearly 4 years ago and each day, week, month and year that goes by we grow stronger and stronger. 

And if it wasn't for Tinder we literally would have never met. 

I lived in Auckland, he lived in Christchurch. He was up for a fleeting visit training for a new job and was lucky enough to match with me on one of my Tinder stints ;)

For the sake of a fairytale story you'd probably say I kissed a lot of frogs to find my Prince, but that isn't a fair analogy. I went on 25+ dates before I met Karl. And to be perfectly honest, the dates were generally great. The guys were for the most part all very lovely and gentlemanly, and there weren't any dates that were particularly awkward but none quite fit the bill of what I needed in a keeper. But with each date I got more and more confident within myself and what I was searching for in a relationship. I kept an open mind, an open heart and an unwavering optimism. 

And it worked a treat.

I'm now totally loved up, living in a difference city (yep, I made the move for my guy) and now I'm helping other babes to find their inner Confidence to become a dating queen.

If you're ready to push past your fear of dating, learn how to bring your Confidence to the surface and totally crush it online then you've come to the right place.

The Online Dating Crush Course (see what I did there ;)) is kicking off in the next few weeks so get your sexy butt into gear, and click the button below to signed up today.

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The first release of this course is going to be drip fed into your inbox each week on a Friday, with weekly videos to watch, worksheets to complete and some good ol’ inner soul work.


If this course wasn’t already awesome enough, as part of the first launch of this online course I am including a personalised review of your Tinder/Bumble profile and will give you personalised feedback to help you make sure it is on its A-Game.


And if you sign up by FRIDAY 21st JUNE you will get a FREE 30 minute coaching call with me to chat more in depth about your dating dilemmas and make sure you get absolutely everything you want out of the course.

Good Vibes and High Fives,
Kylie xx