COnfident + crushing it
in life

If you’re presenting yourself with confidence, you can pull off pretty much anything
— Katy Perry

Whenever anyone asks me about my upbringing I’ve only got good things to say about it. I never felt like I missed out on things, I had lots of friends, I did pretty well at school, had a good home life despite my parents splitting when I was 9, and have some pretty awesome memories of my teenage years. I met my first love at 16, got my first proper job that I loved and started playing house at 17, then moved countries to start a new adventure with my first boyfriend when I was 20.

All of the above is true but it isn’t my full story.

In my 12 years of schooling, I went to 8 different schools. That’s 8 times I had to start over and make new friends. 8 times that I had to find my place in already established friend groups. 8 times I had to learn where everything was in a new place – classrooms, bathrooms, lockers. When I was 12 years old I started at a school where I got bullied relentlessly. My confidence plummeted. But I learned to keep picking myself back up again.

Throughout my adult life I’ve moved cities a few times, changed jobs multiple time and had to constantly "start again" building new networks of friends. I met some great people, had to deal with the not-so-great, and continually figure out the best way to "fake it til I make it".

I often get told how lucky I am to be so confident, and that things are easier for me because of it.

Sure, being confident does make things easier – but I have had to overcome lots of hurdles and setbacks to be confident and it’s definitely not always something that was effortless.

Have a think about YOUR story and YOUR upbringing, and what things in YOUR life you have overcome. I’m almost certain there are things that have happened in your life that you’ve just dealt with and moved on from that you aren’t giving yourself enough credit for. Maybe there are some things that are subconsciously holding you back and keeping you playing small in life.

It is a common misconception that confidence is something you’re either born with or without, and that if you weren’t one of the “lucky ones” then you just have to get used to sitting on the sidelines whilst others take the spotlight.

This is absolutely NOT true.

The real reason you aren’t stepping up and living the life you so badly want to live is because your Confident self is hiding out in your comfort zone and you’ve not yet figured out how to bring it to the party.

Let’s work together to CHANGE THE STORY starting now. You deserve to live the life of your dreams, and there is no time like the present.

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