You’re a clever, entrepreneurial woman and you know that to truly create the life you desire that working in a regular 9-5 just ain’t gonna cut it.

You see opportunities all around you, and one day you decided to run with one of those ideas so you could get out of your day job.

You spent time brainstorming business names, looking around and seeing what others were doing, decided to jump in boots and all with your business idea because it was now or never, right?

And you got a bit of traction. Made a few sales, got some customers, signed a couple of clients.

And then you got stuck.

You sort of knew what you needed to be doing but you just couldn’t figure out what to do first.

And then there was those sneaky little fear gremlins hanging out in your head reminding you about all of the reasons why shouldn’t be doing certain things, or why you’re never going to be as successful as you want to be.

You may have even looked into other business opportunities that seemed easier, less scary, potentially more lucrative financially…

But deep down you know that there is more to it than that.

Everyone has a past. Everyone has things that have shaped them into the person they are today.

Some of those things are amazing, powerful stories we tell ourselves. Other things are limiting us from living to our full potential.

What stories are you holding onto that aren’t serving you?

So often, as women in business, we get caught up in the “doing” and feel like we need to be across everything, learning all the things and think that if we can just make the money we desire that everything else will fall into place.


In order to start making the progress we want in life, and within our business, we need to take a step back and look at the big picture.

What do we really want in life?

What do we want our business to look like?

Are the goals and dreams we have set for ourselves are aligned with our purpose?

What is REALLY important to us?

What are the stories and beliefs we have taken on that are keeping us stuck?

The good news is you CAN have the life you want.
And sooner than you think…


When you get your FOUNDATIONS right, your path to FREEDOM is so much simpler.

Less stressful.

Less scary.

Less confusing.

Less scattergunnish. (definitely a word!)

Less pushing-shit-uphill.

Once you understand yourself better, making decisions in your life and business is so much easier.

Now I know 2020 seems like aaaaaages away

But what would it mean to you to know, that if you invested the next 6 months into getting the most amazing FOUNDATION established in your life and business, you could make 2020 literally the best year ever?

I know that it sounds like it’s far too early to be setting New Years Resolutions but hear me out…

How far have you come in the last 6 months in your life and business? Hopefully you’ve made some traction but I’d put my money on you being not that much further ahead than you were in January, realistically.

If you’re nodding your head reluctantly and know that you really should be further along than you are then you are in the right place, Girlfriend.

Because I am here to help you sort out your shit.

Why me, I hear you ask?

Because I’ve been there, done that, figured out who I am and what I really want in life, and I’m right here living it.

I’m passionate about business (I’ve been launching businesses since I was a teenager), I have an incredible relationship and amazing friends, and I’m building a business that is completely aligned with me. I can hand on heart say that things have never felt better.

In 2015 made some pretty big changes to my mindset which allowed me to start a solid journey to “living my best life”, and in the first half of 2019 I decided that I wanted to learn WAY more about mindset so I could help gals like YOU to make EPIC changes in your lives too. I am now a certified Master NLP Practitioner and Master TimeLine Therapy® Practitioner, and in August I’ll also be a certified Hypnotherapist, so you guys will reap the benefits of that too!

And so “Foundation for Freedom” is born.

Foundation for Freedom is a 6 Month Group Coaching Program for entrepreneurial women who are ready to bring it back to basics and work on setting a really solid foundation so they can finally create the life they really desire.

It’s designed to help you get clear on your goals, figure out what’s held you back, to design your business to enable the LIFE you want to be living and give you FREEDOM to enjoy your business journey.

Each month we will cover a different topic, which will all help you improve your MINDSET and move you closer towards CLARITY, ALIGNMENT and PROGRESS.

This program IS for you if:

  • You’re in it for the long-haul. Your dream of being a total boss-babe is REAL and you’re prepared to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

  • You know you can’t figure this all out on your own, and see the value in asking for help.

  • You’re sometimes guilty of “shiny-object” syndrome and can get distracted by “the next new thing” someone said you need to do in your business.

  • You see other people creating success so know it’s possible, but want to know why you’re not currently doing the same.

  • You’re ready to design a business that feels amazing and is in total alignment with you.

  • Your business revolves around trading time for money.

  • You know that waiting 6 months just isn’t an option and you want 2020 to look a lot different to the last 6 months. You want this NOW.

Girl, you know you need this!


Alright, I know you are still reading because you’ve ticked the boxes above and you now want to know exactly how this will play out. Let me show you what we are going to go through to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE.


Month 1 : Master your Mind

Above everything else, your mind is your most powerful asset and it is absolutely imperative for your success to understand it and then master it.

During our life we all have various experiences, are influenced by different people, and ultimately create beliefs based on our past. Some of these beliefs are fantastic and helpful in our journey, others not so much.

 The great news is, that no matter the story, we have 100% ability to re-write our beliefs and therefore shape the trajectory of our lives.

 This Module is designed to teach you about the conscious and subconscious mind and empower you with the tools to clear your limiting beliefs and replace them with epic, powerful beliefs that will change your life.


Month 2 : Visions + Goal Setting

To get to where we want to go we need to know a few things.

  • Where are we right now?

  • What is most important to us?

  • Where do we want to go?

Often people set themselves goals but when the going gets tough they either quit, look for a new goal or put their dreams on the back-burner until things are "better". If you REALLY want to create the best life for you, then you sure as heck want to make sure you have some solid clarity around what that is, and have a super strong 'why'.

In this Module we are going to learn about goal setting and vision creation by tapping into our subconscious mind, and will use TimeLine Therapy® processes to plant your goals into your future. We will discuss the power of Gratitude and create a Vision Board that will actually manifest.


Month 3 : Relationships

A huge part of your success in business can be credited to the people you’re surrounded by.

Now whilst it would be amazing to have only fully supportive people around you at all times, sometimes we have to deal with people who just don’t get where we are at, and why we are doing what we are doing.

This can often be the biggest factor in derailing our progress, and ultimately our success, so this month is all about navigating our way through difficult relationships (partners, friends, family and more) and growing empowering ones.

We will take a look at the people who are closest to you, figure out the best way to move forward in each of those relationships, and give you the tools to handle just about anything they can throw at you. We’ll also start to look at ways in which you can grow your network and tribe with people who support your vision.


Month 4 : Ideal Clients, Message and Brand

By now you’ve had a mindset reset and have gotten crystal clear on who YOU are, what you WANT in life, what your VALUES are and have been equipped with a brand new mindset that tells you that ANYTHING is possible.

So now we will start looking at your business.

Who exactly do you want to work with? What type of client/customer is going to make you SO damn excited to be working in your business each day (or every other day, if you ain’t about that full time hustle!). What story do you need to be sharing to attract them in?

Your new found clarity will call for a Messaging and Branding review. It may not need a complete makeover, but I can guarantee you’ll be wanting to make at least a few tweaks!


Month 5 : Packages, Prices, Sales + Strategy

This month sounds like it’s a LOT of work but because you’re already up and running this is more of an overhaul of your offering. We want to make sure you’re rocking the most efficient structure for you to be living the life you want, rather than trying to fit your life around your business.

I’m also all about doing things this easy way — because why not?

We are going to reverse engineer your business to create an epic structure so that your clients are going to be climbing over each other to purchase. We will dive into Sales Strategy and help you become an absolute selling machine… because your mind knows what you’re offering is the shiz!


Month 6 : Collaboration, Community + Networking

Your business is streamlined. It feels really bloody awesome — aligned, clear and totally ready to start scaling like a MOFO. Now we want to focus the last month of the year on figuring out the most authentic way for you to grow and expand (as a person, and brand) to ensure you kick off 2020 with a hiss and a roar.

You’re going to learn some fab ways to meet new people, make new friends, and grow your business by helping others to grow theirs.

This month is going to tie together everything you’ve learnt about yourself, relationships, sales and your ideal client to make 2020 your most fulfilling year yet. You’ll have better friendships, better community and things will just feel so much easier.

What was that?

Did you just say ‘Shut up and take my money!’


Girl, you’re the bomb-diggity and I know you want in. You DESERVE to be in this program. You’ve tried all the things and although you know a lot of stuff, you’ve been holding yourself back and it’s time to stop that.

And I want to help you.

If this program is calling your name then you need to apply NOW.

Applications are currently open but spaces are limited.

This is the ONLY time this program is running in 2019, so don’t sit on the fence with this one, girlfriend. You deserve to start living your best damn life NOW so let’s make it happen.

Foundation to Freedom
is currently available at the low investment of
$2395NZD (Pay in Full)

That is 6 months of group coaching and support for less than $400 per month! But if paying in full seems like a stretch for you right now I don’t want that to be the reason you can’t say yes so I’m also offering 2 payment plan options.

2 Monthly Instalments of $1250NZD each OR 6 Monthly Instalments of just $475NZD each.

It literally could not be easier for you to say YES to creating the life and business of your dreams today. What are you waiting for?


What do you get for your investment?

  • 6x Modules - Released Monthly.

  • 12x 1 Hour Group Coaching Calls - Twice Monthly. One is Module specific, One is Q&A and Support.

  • Private Facebook Group for the full 6 months.

  • Access to me via the Facebook Group.

  • Guest Coaching Calls.

  • Lifetime Access to ALL of the coaching call recordings.

  • Plus lots more bonus content to help you on your path to your best life!

Limited Time BONUS Offer

(VALUED AT $1800NZD!!!)

And if that’s not enough… for the first 6 women who apply I will include a FREE 1 HOUR 1:1 COACHING CALL EVERY MONTH for the full 6 months. That is worth a whopping $1800NZD alone!!!

Seriously, what are you waiting for??